Digital Brown Bag

NMIX 4220

I took Digital Brown Bag not knowing what to expect. This class was the perfect mix of real-world skills and guest speakers. As a second-semester sophomore, I have begun thinking more about my future in the professional world and this class was a great stepping stone to help me prepare. It is unlike any other class I have taken at UGA but in a good way! In the first class, we talked about credit. Learning the importance of credit and how maintaining a good credit score is something I will value for years to come. I gained a lot of knowledge from all our guest speakers. Each speaker brought something different to the table and I am grateful for all I heard from them. Hearing all of their individual journeys reassures me that my future has a lot of good instore!

Digital Brown Bag Assignments

The first assignment we had in this class was creating our own business cards. In each class, we would hand in our business cards for attendance. We also had the opportunity to give our business cards to any of the guest speakers. For my first Professional Development 1, I chose to do the personality assessment. This helped me recognize areas where I thrive, as well as areas where I could make improvements when it comes to working factors. For Professional Development 2, I chose to complete a Google Analytics Certificate. This provided me with a basic understanding of how to work with Google Analytics. For Professional Development 3, I choose to do the Credit Karma activity. This helped me see my credit score, see areas where I was doing well, and areas that could use improvement. Each of these activities provided me with valuable skills that will help me as I transition into the workforce.

Google Analytics picture

Google Analytics

Stack of credit cards.

Credit Cards